Gossip:- Jwar Mohammed born from Yemeni father – Social media shakes

Ethiopian social media is shaking since last weekend following the leaked information that claims the popular Oromo nationalist Jawar Mohammod is born from a Yemeni father.

The video shared on social media, where another Ethiopian nationalist Taye Bogale, who is from the Oromo root claims he has all the evidence that Jawar’s father is a Yemeni.

Taye also went to say that Jawar has no any blood relation with the Oromo ethnic group and his mother is also from Amhara ethnic group.

“He was raised by his Oromo guardian,” Taye said this on the video.

Jawar Mohammod is the leader of the Oromo informal youth group called “Qeerroo” which propagates Oromo region belongs to only the Oromo ethnic group.

Jawar also owns the popular TV station named Oromia Media Network (OMN) that focuses on Oromo issues along with another TV station called LTV and two other radio stations.

Many people on social media questioned how Jawar went that far to dismantle Oromia region and antagonize the Oromo politics while he is not even from this particular ethnicity and how he become intolerant of others having such multicultural background that could help him enjoy living with diversity.

Jwar Mohammed also maintains US citizenship and bases in the United States with his wife and a son and frequently flies to Ethiopia since last year.

Many social media users also raised questions on the virtue of citizenship and also Jawar’s intentions on Ethiopia’s unity and sovereignty referring to the government silence about all this.

The question is, “Is really Jawar not from the real blood of the Oromo?” he would answer it as this has a significant impact on his role in the Oromo politics as well as in Ethiopia’s politics.

Until then, the gossip will build up.




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