Ethiopia: Public media ignores public agenda & covers the back side story

All the government media and its affiliate media ignored the press conferences held by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church several times in this month.

The biggest institution in the country, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Synod conference were banned last week in a deliberate move to denounce the claims of the Church.

As the Oromo leftist and separatists call for separation of the oldest church, the public in a panic called a massive protest for September 14, 2019.

The government media all of them did not take and aired the press conference given by the organizers of the protest rally today.

However, thy propagate the public anger in Jimma town, in the South Western part of the country that was observed yesterday following the rumours heard about the burning of one of the churches in the city.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) repeatedly reported about the mini demonstration in Jima referring to the region’s police commission that claims the rumour was wrong and those participate in the demonstration were illegal while ignoring the legal protest rally called for next week.






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