Ethiopia prepares for massive protest over ethnic politics intervention in Orthodox Church

(Ethio-Newsroom) Following the ethnic politics extremists interventions in Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a massive protest rally has been called both in the country and Ethiopians in the diaspora.

The protest that will take place on September 14, 2019 is organized by different groups that are connected to the church, according to the information shared on social media outlets.

Orthodox Church goers in different parts of the country especially the major cities are also preparing for the rally.

However, the informal youth group named as “Qeerro” which is indirectly connected to the government administration and security channels are warning the people not to take part in the protest.

Oromo Media Network (OMN), which supports the separatists of the Oromo Orthodox Church reported that Qeero of the Shashemene zone in the southern part of Oromia region said “no one is responsible for anything that could happen during the protest”.

Earlier this week, the Oromia Police Commission also said “There is no legitimate protest called in the region.”

Despite all the warning calls from the Oromia region Police Commission and Qeero, Orthodox Christian believers are showing their determination for the massive protest rally.



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