Ethiopian Orthodox synod step up to defend the church

(Ethio-Newsroom) Ethiopian Orthodox church is being threatened by the Oromo nationalists, politicians and activists in regards to the language usage in the church’s services.

They claim the church must adopt Afan Oromo language or they will separate by establishing the Oromo synod.

The issue even taken by the Muslim and protestant Oromos that have no clue of the church]s services and functionalities.

The church, in fact serves with the Oromo language in the region and has also translated and published numerous prayer and religious history books in to Afan Oromo since long time ago.

However, the Oromo separatists claim they need a separate Oromo Orthodox church that functions independently.

In the below statement, the synod warns it will take all legal measures to keep the unity of the church and sue those committee members who unlawfully named themselves as representatives of the Orthodox church belivers in Oromia region. Watch.



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